Installation Instructions

  1. Check the latest release page [latest release] to verify that you have the required Eclipse version.
  2. Download the latest release [download].
  3. Unzip the release files to a directory of your choice. Note: avoid using the same directory as your eclipse installation.
  4. Start Eclipse, and select Help > Software Updates > Update Manager.

  5. Use Feature Updates view to navigate to the directory where you unzipped the downloaded files. Select Eclipse Plugins For ATG Dynamo feature and click on Install in the Preview view.

  6. Follow the instructions as given by the Feature Install wizard. At end of the installation you will be asked to restart Eclipse.
  7. After restarting Eclipse and to activate the plugin, select Window > Customize Perspective... .Then, select ATG Launch Actions.

  8. For further information on how to use this plugin, please consult the help section, by selecting Help > Help Contents and then selecting ATG Dynamo Plug-in User Guide book.

- ATG Dynamo Application Server is a trademark of Art Technology Group, Inc. (

- ATG Dynamo Plug-in is a free product from, 2003.

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