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Introduction To ATG Dynamo Plug-in

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This free product is a set of Eclipse plugins which should, once completed, provide you with a rich set of new wizards, toolbar actions, key shortcuts and views to simplify the process of creating and coding ATG Dynamo applications.

Currently, the plugin is in its infant stage. There is hardly any significant contribution at this time. However, in this release, you can start and stop ATG servers (with limited options) via the toolbar or via key shortcuts.

Screen Shots

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Three buttons to start, debug and stop an ATG server
Three menu items to start, debug and stop an ATG server

- ATG Dynamo Application Server is a trademark of Art Technology Group, Inc. (http://www.atg.com).

- ATG Dynamo Plug-in is a free product from Eclipsefan.org, 2003.

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